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Good afternoon I would like to suggest that they mainly improve that the program develops a version for mac, linux and android besides windows, since the second point the program develops a virtual printer like foxit reader that automatically puts the appropriate name for the file, Thirdly, the program develops the ability to convert files to EPUB, Mobi, XPS, DjVu, CHM, Comic (CBZ and CBR), pdf and also to OpenDocument as odt formats, ods, odp, odm, odb, etc. And also to the text document by means of a virtual printer that I propose, I hope that these functions can be added to the program so that it improves a lot and is much more used by the users, thanks for your attention.


I don’t have plans for non-windows version (see

That being said, Sumatra is open source so anyone can take it as a base for Mac/Linux/Android viewer.

I also don’t have plans to add conversion tool - Sumatra is a reader.


That’s a killer answer, I thought you were working on the pdflite project, so I proposed


I used to use sumatra but since I met pdflite I use it because apart from being open source also owns a virtual printer that allows me to convert to pdf, the only flaw is that it does not automatically name the files as foxit reader, and for the purpose of its previous answer Let me tell you that nitro pdf is a pdf reader and also has the option to convert to office files and that foxit reader also allows to convert and is a pdf reader, that you are not informed of this does not mean that there are no readers that have The ability to convert and it is a shame that sumatra is backward and outdated in this matter


When did @kjk ever state that no other PDF ‘reader’ has features such as format conversion? If you like such bloated programs such as Foxit then by all means feel free to use them, but just because Sumatra is a pure reader and doesn’t do conversion doesn’t mean it’s “backward and outdated”. FYI some of us prefer it to be small and focused in approach instead of being yet another monstrously bloated program that attempts to do everything under the sun. Frankly there’s enough of that crap out there already.

P.S. If you’re using Windows 10 then it has a PDF printer built-in already in case you didn’t know.


First and main I use pdflite, second the virtual printer foxit is better than pdflite because it automatically names the files and third I have little time to use windows 10 and it was against my will I would use another operating system but that is not in discuss at the moment


from their screenshot pdflite seams to use sumatrapdf but I can’t find a License or Readme stating their use of sumatra code
also their download link gets blocked by my eset as malware I had to disable my antivirus to download that exe
a lot of people are abusing sumatrapdf code some even sell it, if you need a converter use a converter, if you need a pdf tweak tool use mutool or pdftk avoid pdflite as their “installer” is an adware downloader that includes several hta files
even tho they mention that their code is based on sumatrapdf from their readme file

Our code it based on the great SumatraPDF project here:

they do not provide any source code (no link on their website or the readme file) which is against the gpl

their so called pdf printer is another stolen project they use the GPL’ed redmon and ghostscript for pdf generation
they don’t mention it but goto C\Program Files (x86)\PDFlite\pdfprinter\DriverFiles\ you’ll find redmon there
they are GPL abusers avoid them, if pdflite does not obey the GPL it should die
windows already includes a virtual pdf printer

ps I installed pdflite in a sandbox do not run their installer as it looks like malware after seeing what their installer downloads I emptied the sandbox and deleted this malware