Icon preview lines too thick


i see that icon pdf preview in win7 64bit in some files has lines too thick can i adjust them?
I use adobe pro and in association with Sumatra for icon previews but i saw acrobat created icon preview with more thin lines.
It i watt rebuild icon preview ?


Icon Preview is generally down to the system (Windows) thus generally beyond SumatraPDFs control here is a single screenshot of all three renders at exactly the same time. The smaller Windows preview Icon on the left looks thinner rather than thicker to me.

There is a discussion here suggesting it is down to differences the way previewers are handled by the OS Vista, 7, 10 etc


No i mean the i have severals pdf but are Made of lines from dwg lines has thickness and Sumatra enfatize a lot them adobe no.thereis a way to set this?


CAD line thickness is down to the author. Many users do not get the thickness right. The standard requires a size based on finished output thus the European recommendation is 0.13 0.18 and 0.25 mm for A4 documentation increasing as the paper size increases. However its often left to the individual with much conflicting advise see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CAD_standards#Line-thickness which suggests 0.00 mm is perfectly acceptable (wrong in my opinion) SumatraPDF does NOT change the thickness significantly so if the author uses 0.0 then its potentially less than a pixel wide at page size and may not be visible. Acrobat has an override setting to “Enhance” line thickness for better or worse. SumatraPDF does not interfere relying on the source getting it right or wrong! see recent discussion and history