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Acknowledging the ease of implementation only, I think it would be really valuable to have an MSI installer for Sumatra that could be used to deliver Sumatra to many workstations from an MS Server infrastructure. This has been my PDF viewer of choice for many decades now, and while I enjoy this on my personal workstation, it is far more complex to install in any form of automated delivery without having an MSI to do so, with MS Server.

If this was provided in an MSI, I would definitely pick it up to deliver.


I will let @kjk give the official answer but considering all the recently closed (and open) issues surrounding installation don’t expect him to spend time on yet another installer heartache.

I spend more time unpicking that type of corporate installer than using them but then I am admin for a minute company. What is it that a developers MSI solution provides that you can’t wrap it yourself ?


I’m not familiar with MSI.

Sumatra supports fully automated, silent installation with, I believe, -install -s cmd-line option.

I’m sure it’s possible to automate installation to an arbitrary number of machines but I don’t have experience in that domain to offer concrete suggestions.

I’m pretty sure there are ways to run arbitrary provisioning batch or powershell script on multiple machines. All this script needs to do is download the installer and execute with -install -s option.


Thank-you very much for that suggestion, I will give that a try with some of my scripts. Could I trouble you for where I can find other options available during installation like ‘-install -s’, provided there are other options of course.


I’ve documented the options at


The page ( gives no comment on the use of the ‘-install’ command line switch.

Suggestion: it may be handy to also document the silent uninstall options on that page.