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I have created a Hyperlink to a file in a local server in PowerPoint and saved the document as pdf.
Unfortunately when opening the pdf with Sumatra the link doesn’t work.
I can copy the link address when I right click on it but left click does nothing.

Any ideas what’s causing this?



There could be some restrictions related to docs needing to be accessed over the network:

If the linked file is stored locally does it open?



No it is the same problem when trying to link to a file on local drive.

I have noticed that the link works fine if I linking .pdf files but return an error on .doc files


You’re right. I just added “document” to SafeFileTypes in sumatrapdfrestrict.ini, and then also set the option to “*” (asterisk), but PDF links to DOC/DOCX files didn’t work. @kjk will need to weigh in on this, unless someone else knows what’s up.


It might be that the link is not actually correctly created or Sumatra is not opening it.

Does any other PDF viewer opens it? If not, then it’s probably issue with creation.

Is the link using absolute path? For security reasons Sumatra doesn’t open files with absolute paths like c:\myfile.pdf, only relative paths like myfile.pdf.

The idea is that an attacker can’t trick the viewer of a PDF to open a malicious file with known location.

There are also restrictions on allowed file types etc.


Ok, this is weird. When I tested sumatrapdfrestrict.ini yesterday with

SafeFileTypes = audio,video,webpage,document


SafeFileTypes = *

it still refused to open linked DOC/DOCX files from a PDF I created via PowerPoint, but today it works. :confounded:

So @Kris, just use the Hyperlink feature in PowerPoint to link to an existing DOC/DOCX, save as PDF, place the edited .INI file along with SumatraPDF.exe and the links should work.


Done as you said and is working !
Thanks a lot


Is there any way to override and tell it to open even an absolute path?