How to use Links in PDF documents?



I have a pdf file with links in it.
The links use the protocol textedit://.
The protocol is registered in the windows registry.

When I click on such a link in an Email (Outlook) then it works correct, that means using the registered information a python file is executed and gets the url as parameter.

But when I click on the link when viewing a pdf file in Sumatra nothing happens.
The mouse pointer changes to a hand and in the context menu I have the option “copy the url of the link”. But when clicking on the link the python file is not called.

What can I do that the links work correct in Sumatra?

Here is an example of a link:

(It is a Lilypond file)

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Not sure if it’ll work, but you can try adding the textedit protocol to the LinkProtocols list in sumatrapdfrestrict.ini.



in my environment there was no file sumatrapdfrestrict.ini.
I created one and added the textedit protocol to the parameter LinkProtocols.
And now it works!

Many thanks for your help!

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For some reason I can’t get this working. I am trying to link to a network drive to access some supporting documents.

; What protocols for links inside documents should be passed
; on to the operating system (e.g. for opening a browser).
; Default: http,https,mailto (web links and email addresses)
LinkProtocols = http,https,mailto,textedit


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