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Home / How to tell if a document is A4 or letter size [restored in 3.4.14255]


I open up a PDF file, and the page looks kind of tall (and thin) …

What 's a good way to find out if the document is A4 or letter size ?


ctrl + D will tell you the page formats in your local units so my A4 will show 21.0 x 29.7 cm for upright or 29.7 x 21.0 cm for seascape, its not exact but rounded for convenience. the true size for the one page I am looking at is is 595 x 842 units.which is 209.902777777… mm wide and 297.038888888… mm high.

Earlier versions often confirm thats A4 as the detected format. (there are several printers A4 formats but we consider 210 x 297 mm as standard)

For Letter its not always so easy and if your local output is metric cm its confusing since there are actually several such as Gov or Std. but again if detected as such it would show Letter in previous versions.

Many PDFs are not exact page sizes they are unitless but the default is taken as normally 72 units per inch to coincide with printers points (nor are page dimensions accurately fixed per name, there is a degree of tolerance that varies for usage) so setting a tolerance per global format name would need to be fairly extensive.



thanks for the question raised as regression since 3.2 showed page sizes in many known cases


This should be fixed in latest pre-release