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I’m using VS Code as .tex editor and I’m trying to set up inverse search with SumatraPDF. My setting for SumatraPDF is “C:\Program Files\Microsoft VS Code\Code.exe" "%f:%l"

When I double click on a pdf file, nothing happens. I would like the cursor to jump to the line in my .tex file corresponding to where I clicked on the pdf file. What should I do? Any help is much appreciated!


@largecats Inverse search and forward search require a synctex file for the two way indexing of locations, if you have one in the right place then you can first test call with a common system app such as notepad i.e. try


however that is unlikely to produce a noticeable call since I suspect you are not using latex and thus probably don’t have a corresponding synctex file (if you do have a suitable file you should get a copy of notepad with untitled and a message such as “the system cannot find the path specified”)

You may need a more direct calling method. This is most easily achieved using the “external viewers” method
as an example try

ExternalViewers [
CommandLine = “C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe” /k echo “%1” page=%p
Name = External command
Filter = *.*

once you see the effects of editing the variables you can pass the “%1” and %p to your own command in place of cmd.exe or use an intermediate batch file


@GitHubRulesOK Thank you for the reply and suggestion! I’m in fact using latex and I’ve successfully set up SumatraPDF with Sublime Text 3 before using "C:\Program Files\Sublime Text3\sublime_text.exe" "%f:%l". notepad %f also works fine. But I can’t seem to get VS Code to do the same even with the ExternalViewers method…


I note from Microsoft VS Code\Code.exe CLI reference
it mentions a -g parameter I don’t know how that works but it seems relevant

file:line[:character] Used with the -g argument. Name of a file to open at the specified line and optional character position. You can specify multiple files in this manner, but you must use the -g argument (once) before using the file:line[:character] specifier.



@GitHubRulesOK Thank you! I will try and post the solution if it works :slight_smile:


This worked for me :
“PathTOVSCode” -g %f:%l

See doc: