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I have this issue related to the tabbed interface, where all my tabs usually show the same character string.

Let’s say I open three PDF files:


Each tab shows a file location path, but due to space restraints, long path names must be cropped.
The problem then is that I only see the same path BEGINNING on all tabs. In our example that would be something like:

[C:/Users/Bob/Doc…] [C:/Users/Bob/Doc…] [C:/Users/Bob/Doc…]

Now I would prefer the tabs to show the END of the path name strings, so I can tell which FILE corresponds to which tab. I mean something like this:

[…uments/myfile01] […uments/myfile03] […uments/myfile07]

My question is: How can I set Sumatra’s tabs to behave this way?

Any help will be highly appreciated.


The best way is to do what we did in the past before we had long file names to truncate.

Early Windows would truncate 8.3 names so best to place Alpha sortable data at start of the name
2020-11-09 November return.pdf
2020-12-08 December return.pdf

There are several options that help to remove the folder name C:/Users/Bob/Documents then set
FullPathInTitle = false

in Pre-release there is also TabWidth = 300 which i can change to say 400 BUT as you add more tabs that too can become limited