How to resize a tab?



A new user of sumatrapdf and forum. Is it possible to reduce/resize tab on sumatrapdf? I’m not much comfort because a tab-size is too wide, is there a way?



It may depend on your version the standard 3.1.2 release has fixed width of about 300 pixels
in the pre-release you can change it by editing the SumatraPDF-settings.txt (via Settings> Advanced)
PrereleaseSettings [
TabWidth = 300

in either version you can change the amount of detail by changing
FullPathInTitle = true
FullPathInTitle = false


I’m don’t much comfort about fullpath either. I have another question.

  • So, tabwidth will be implement for a future release, or just on pre-release?

  • If I install pre-release version, would it be replace an existing version? or existing and pre-release?



pre-release is “experimental” and TabWidth is not currently in latest test builds (you would need to build your own)

If you “INSTALL” it would tend to overwrite formal release remember it is best to uninstall the 3.1.2 first
I would recommend it to my sister as it is “better”
BUT if you want to run both then download the portable version to a folder of your choice to test it
Beware if you have the two copies running it is possible to be confused when changing settings unless you use Settings > Advanced and check where it is saving the file (save as)


Already installed pre-release and it is good.

Thanks for any help.