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Is there a way to lock open files in Sumatra?

If I open a file, it is loaded into memory but not locked so the file can be deleted while it is open in Sumatra.

Other readers like Acrobat or Foxit lock open files.

There’s a way?



It is intentional and one of the reasons SumatraPDF is highly recommended throughout Academic and Publishing circles, that especially PDF files upto 32 MB must not be locked. Adobe as you point out have two products (that need to be taskkilled), but Foxit should not have any locking limit.

The reason is that PDF need to be freely read/write whilst viewing changing content, especially when used as a PDF compilation pre-viewer.


I was aware of this feature but I was hoping that there was a flag to enable file locking so that I can use Sumatra in those realities where locking is essential.


If it is essential then Adobe would be better than Foxit.