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I am using the latest Windows 10 pro 64 o/s on a HP ProDesk. I have installed Sumatra PDF under the main admin account and it works fine there. However for security reasons. I prefer to use a subsidiary user non-admin account. From the latter, I can neither access the main program installation nor can I successfully install another copy of Sumatra PDF, even with entering the correct password onto that non admin account. It seems that option has some sort of bug.


Maybe re-installing as admin to c:\Program Files\SumatraPDF directory would fix it (in the installer UI there is an option to provide custom installer.

What happens when you try to install another copy as non-admin user? This should work unless those accounts have the same username. It could again be installation directory conflict in which case you can try to specify a different installation directory for non-admin account.

Finally, there’s also a portable version that you can put anywhere and it won’t conflict with anything for sure.


For multi user as KJK has said the administrator needs to install to MS recommended common secured Program Files. Also then for all users the common shortcut should be moved to Public Desktop.

Thus each user that is logged on in turn is only using one exe and their personal local user appdata is built on 1st usage (user local preference’s / local usage history / local user crash reports are all stored locally) The app itself is not designed specifically towards cross domain roaming.

If installs are for one or two user accounts, each can install their own exe in local appdata for local usage, but it much easier for an administrator to maintain one single install in C:\Program Files.

Most users are single users so default installation is to single user account without registry impacts of slower indexed search or thumbnailing/preview etc.

A ONE-EXE portable copy without install is often much easier for non-admin / admin level users to manage themselves, all files are kept in local subfolders of the exe.