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How can I exit the full screen mode on a touch screen?


2 solutions I can think of

  1. invoke the hidden on-screen keyboard whilst in fullscreen mode (mine requires me to touch screen on the far left) then select F11 as shown here

  1. use AHK to first run a script containing something like
    RButton::F11 ;This means holding one finger on screen to simulate the mouse right button (normally selection options) will be replaced by exit full screen

F12::ExitApp ; make sure you have an alternative script quit key SINCE NOW you cant rightclick anything :frowning:


Hi GitHubRulesOK,

your first option is comprensible for me but not very practical because it involves to many different steps.
I am musician and I use SUMATRA on stage. This means it has to go FAST!.

Your second step I don’t understand. What is AHK? How can you write a script?

My wish is to have the biggest possible presentation of a PDF on the screen for better reading on stage.
How can I achieve this?


My feature requests below were initially made keeping only mouse users in mind, but I see that they would be equally valid for touchscreen users:

Do upvote on GitHub if you approve and would like these implemented, or comment if you have any better ideas to share.


Hi SumatraPeter,

I did read your explanationes how to exit the fullscreen/representation mode twice but I could not understand how to exit with the mouse/touchscreen.
My motherlanguage is not english and that makes it sometimes hard for me to understand.
Could you please explain it for me in simple words? Thank you!


GitHub is where we raise issues that we want fixed in Sumatra and other programs. Those are only suggestions from my side - it’s entirely up to the developer (@kjk) if he wants to implement them or not.


OK, I understand. Thank you for the support.



  1. I seem to recollect some music / disabled user suppliers may have programmable footpedals, however that is likely to be a very expensive solution but since you only need one or two keys you might find an inexpensive one ?

Sorry I forget some users may not be aware that AHK means use an AutoHotKey macro

this is a “fairly simple” way to change keyboard actions
you will need from a copy of the “Download AutoHotkey .ZIP” and extract to a location easy to access
if you place a copy of the four lines indicated above in a simple text file and call it Autohotkey.ahk in that same directory and just before or after opening a PDF run one of the autohotkey exe files
a small green H should appear on the taskbar
Now when you right click it should act like pressing F11 (Full screen on/off)
to stop the script I include F12 as it is now difficult to select anything with the right mouse button

The whole script could be better built (any challengers ?) but it works for me and should meet your request for now

NOTE if you are using AutoHotkeyU32.exe without parameters, it will look for AutoHotkeyU32.ahk so you may need to rename the script to suite

For clarity I re-write the working contents here so you can cut and paste with notepad (beware the file name should end with .ahk NOT .txt ) for notepad save as type “all files” OR for wordpad save as “other formats” and change type to MS-DOS format then change the extension




Lots of refinements can be made if someone’s truly interested in the AHK solution. Can target Sumatra’s windows specifically by obtaining their HWNDs for example, and to solve the issue of needing to have the AHK EXE around or naming the script a specific way it can also be compiled into an EXE itself.

Ultimately though instead of these workarounds I’d rather have something like my suggestions included in the app itself. Adding an Exit Fullscreen content menu item should be trivial, and the suggestions for exiting from Presentation Mode shouldn’t be difficult to implement at all either.



I agree with you that we/you need to keep asking @kjk to consider common/simple usage tweaks, however on his own he has his own roadmap

So if we are unable to help change the code (my skills are too old and rusty) the best I can do is help / offer small individual user work-arounds to get users (and any others that may have the same problem) over their immediate woes

I appreciate your drawing attention to how some of these requests / fixes / lack there off have stacked up over time as it has helped me on past occasions

Regards KJD


@GitHubRulesOK (KJD): It wasn’t my intention ever to suggest that your AHK or any other workarounds are useless; far from it! I am very sure those who you provide the workarounds for appreciate your help a lot. It’s just that personally I’d like to see the feature in the app itself instead of an external kludge. Hope you get my point.

Also yes, I admit sometimes I do get slightly frustrated that some feature additions/changes (not just my own ideas BTW) have been pending for a long time, and that frustration (actually it’s more like a feeling of helplessness) might be evident in my posts, but I have always taken care never to act like a spoilt entitled brat who throws tantrums and demands stuff right now. I know kjk has his own roadmap and also a paying day job and am grateful for the immense amount of time and effort he’s put into making this fine app available for free to everyone. I just wish I had the necessary coding skills to help out more, and it puzzles me that this app is so widely used and yet coding or even designing help (icons etc.) is not forthcoming from any expert users. It’s a real shame because if kjk doesn’t have the time, then at least if others can pitch in (like zeniko was doing) this project would be much more alive than it is at present. None of us want Sumatra to get bloated of course, but it’s painfully evident that there’s a pile of bug fix and feature requests that’s growing day by day, and issue upon issue is lying open in GitHub with no official response.

Anyway, I think I’ve grumbled enough for now so I’m off to continue reading some fun ebooks in Sumatra. :slight_smile: