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Hi, is possibile to automatically display at the document opening its properties, and so its eventual PDF/A compliancy ?


That’s an interesting question since by its nature SumatraPDF can view most (but not every PDF/A file feature) It can open many other types of related document not just PDF/A compliant files, thus is not a sole “PDF/A” viewer. A PDF/A file can “declare” it is PDF/A with metadata located in the “http ://” namespace but can still have features that are non compliant so testing for the signature is not really of any value. SumatraPDF could be used to pass the current file in view to veraPDF 1.12 which is the OSS java tool to test for compliance.

You would need to add verapdf.bat or verapdf-gui.bat to SumatraPDF external viewers command with a call such as verapdf-gui %f and a filter of *.pdf