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Home / How to disable going to the next page with scroll?


I want to be able to view single pages and not have the scroll go to the next page continuously. It should be one page and pressing the arrow keys going to the other page. I COULD DO THAT BEFORE I CANT NOW


This functionality didn’t change.

Did you explore continous vs. non-continous view modes (File/View menu) ?


Ah I just answered this same question on muut, I didn’t see it had been posted here too.

I made a note on that post that Zoom>Fit Page is not respected when I have Show Pages Continuously turned on (page is shrunk to about 90% of window height), however this seems to be because it’s treating the current document I’m reading as being wider than it actually is, and I have the Sumatra relatively narrow (snapped to half screen). Could this be a bug or more likely a problem with the pdf?


There are some PDF files that have non-uniform pages. For fit page we pick a single scaling factor for all pages which means that some pages are not actually sized to fit.

This might be what you’re seeing (although non-uniform PDFs are relatively rare).