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Hi, people. I want to know how to remove a line break when copying text from pdf files. Because, when I copy some words, happens the line break.


That’s the nature of the information inside the PDF file. All you can do is to edit the text after copying.


But in Edge and chorme, don’t happens it.


As you’ve yourself stated, there are certain heuristics involved that might need to be tweaked. After all, a similar issue was reported earlier:

It was closed because Sumatra behaved the same as Chrome, whereas I would have thought a comparison with Adobe’s software (as the reference implementation) would have been considered far more important. So now that Sumatra is behaving differently than Chrome while copying text from certain files, I guess the files warrant a look to see how the heuristics might need to be tweaked some more?

@RafaelAlvarenga: If you can, attach some sample PDFs to that issue (or open a new one if you can’t) with a clear description of what text you’re copying from which page of which file.


Without an example there may have been some confusion.

The line feed at the end of a line may in some cases be removed by some applications, SumatraPDF does not modify those.

Recently in version 3.2 when there were large spaces between words, then they may often have been translated as extra line feeds.

This was not the case with version 3.1.2 and has been corrected in prerelease versions.
It may still on occasion see some gaps as if they terminate the line and does not remove either those or the natural end of line.