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How to "close all tabs" with one click?

Could someone pls help a newbie? Each time I open a PDF it adds to the list of open tabs. And I so far could not yet find out how to close more than one open document with just one click… :-((
Sure it’s my fault…

There is no shortcut to do that. You have to close them individually. You can use Ctrl-w instead of mouse.

Tkx for the advice!

Feature request! I would like to see Close all but this… like we do in Notepad++

1 or 2 clicks (and 3 keys) Workaround
(or script -new-window "%1" -page %p for just 3 clicks)

  • Pick the tab you want to keep
  • Press CTRL+SHIFT+N to open it in a new window
  • Then hit top right close on the window with a thousand files

Great, this method works OK.
Though I still thought we need a close all tab menu item

i found the way to close all the document with the X

  • open file txt " SumatraPDF-settings"
  • change this setting with false ---- RestoreSession = false
    is the 6 lines.

close and save

Whilst I accept that will certainly (same as menu option uncheck Remember opened tabs) stop tabs from reopening in the next session.

It will not “close all tabs” which is the topic here

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