How to change the quotes icon size


It is too big , and I can find the config setting. Please help me


when I use calibre viewer, the icon is normal. But calire is not a light app


Can you provide the EPUB/MOBI for perusal and point out the page you took a screenshot of?

It is in simplified Chinese, when using sumatra pdf, all my ebooks have this problem


I can confirm the issue. The footnote icons (note.png) look fine in Edge too. I extracted the EPUB, edited the XHTMLs and tried specifying width and height attributes for the <img> tags, but either Sumatra is ignoring them or I did something wrong since I’m no EPUB expert. BTW setting UseFixedPageUI = true in Advanced Settings had no effect either.

Unfortunately I’m out of ideas. :frowning: Hopefully the dev or someone else who knows more about the structure of EPUBs can help.


It is a bug within calibre
It generated the file so it knows how it was intended to look, however it stores the image “note.png” which you see within a class “.duokan-footnote”
HOWEVER whilst it stores within “main-2.css” both “.duokan-footnote-content” and “.duokan-footnote-item” it fails to define a style for “.duokan-footnote” so any other app such as MuPDF/SumatraPDF can only hint from the image attributes which are 96 x 96 px at 72 dpi which I make out to be approx 33.8667 mm or 1.3333 " which is “BIG” for such an image but as an example this is what your browser will see.note
here it is crudely at 23 x 23 px which would be size equivalent to 300 dpi


Ok, but: i) how does that explain other apps getting it right? and ii) how does that explain why Sumatra apparently ignores width and height attribs added directly to the img tags? Can you try that and see if it works?

I also tried adding the missing class definition to the beginning of main-2.css:

    width: 5px;
    height: 5px;

Didn’t work. Tried adding it at the end. Didn’t work. Added the class=“duokan-footnote” attrib to the img tags instead of the surrounding a tags. Didn’t work.

So… what did I do wrong, or is it Sumatra to blame after all?


I also tried editing and adding the syles in several places without success so far
However here it is in SumatraPDF after the Icons are corrected to Calibre’s own calculated value of 16x16 pixels, note the zh fonts always cause me problems on this set-up !

I conceed that SumatraPDF is not calculating the icon size in the way that calibre or other html readers do (hence EDGE is probably able to adjust the images to 1/6th of true size) and its posible the epub 3.x standard alows for such adjustment, however in this case the source file simply needs to store the image at its intended ratio.


Yeah, reducing the icon size is one possible solution, but one can’t expect non-technical end users to do that obviously, that too with potentially multiple e-books with hundreds of pages each. It does seem to be a bug or shortcoming in Sumatra that needs to be fixed. If other e-book readers (including browsers) can do it, no reason Sumatra can’t (or shouldn’t).

@visualwind: I suggest you file a bug report on GitHub, although unfortunately in the dev’s own words the project is currently in inactive status so there’s no guarantee when (or indeed if) the issue will ever be fixed.