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I am using the latest daily build. If I add any annotations, it adds be default the current PC User name.
How to manually change author name?


Adding PC user name for comments is common in many programs and is due to the underlying MuPDF library. so no use suggesting to use that for removal.
There are very few 3rd party editor tools that allow such mods, since I think (I may be wrong) that its a “feature” of adobe definition for identity of commentators.


Hmm… but does it possible to be implemented, because my PC Username is strange enough created by Windows Online Accounts, and changging PC username isn’t option because I means I must do a lot of process of it. Thanks


@vasmasal @benyaminl

See latest pre-release 3.4.14115+
in settings you can now use the following options

Annotations [
	HighlightColor = #ffff00
	UnderlineColor = #ff00ff
	TextIconColor = #ffff00
	TextIconType = comment
	DefaultAuthor = (none)

DefaultAuthor =
that is nothing then it will default to username :slight_smile:
DefaultAuthor = (none)
Then it is not used, or
DefaultAuthor = Whatever You Want, Whatever You Need
Then it wont be Status Quo :slight_smile: