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I use Sumatra pdf to show my documents. But i dont know how to always show maximized or full screen document. I set the Window state as 2 or 3 in settings file. But when a document is opened and window size is changed, then next files are opened in the last position. How to disable this ?


there are two “maximised” modes for fullscreen one is for presentations

you can press F to toggle full screen or use F5 / F11 to chose mode

To always start in one or the other you can add it to the startup shortcut

  • -presentation : display in presentation view
  • -fullscreen : display in full screen view

In either mode use the ALT key combinations to access the menu functions
In presentation mode the mouse buttons behave differently and there is no context menu but in fullscreen the right click will show the context menu.


I should have also mentioned that if you do not want fullscreen which is
WindowState = 3

But do want to always start maximised with toolbar that is
WindowState = 2

That is EITHER achieved by closing SumatraPDF in that mode so it “remembers” state for next restart OR in the shortcut specify maximised

OR running from a batch file command line try "start "" /max C:\..... but in some cases that can become more complicated as it is a windows override to the default start so a cmd may need to be similar to

C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /d /c "start "" /max "C:\....\SumatraPDF\SumatraPDF.exe" "

To avoid a black flash when running via cmd you would need to switch to a Wscript or PowerShell call