How do I save and search manuals?


How do I save and search manuals?


You can call the online manual from the web in your browser using SumatraPDF File > Help > Manual

or in SumatraPDF you can try to open that URL as a file (depends on some advanced settings)

I usually print it to 95% PDF for ONE page offline use The links used to work but for security reasons Microsoft does not seem to save the links in PDF or XPS like it used to !

You can save this PNG in SumatraPDF and there save as PDF if that helps but because its an image (not text) it will not be as good as the searchable version


you did not anser the question please do so?


Please explain a bit more. which manual are you trying to search and what do you mean by save?


Yours S o I can save


This is not “my” site (I am only a helper)

If you are looking for the source for the SumatraPDF Manual it is here (Right click and save as “Raw”)