Sumatra PDF is a PDF, ePub, MOBI, CHM, XPS, DjVu, CBZ, CBR reader for Windows

How do I print ebooks (e-Pub/Mobi) to PDF

This is my first time using Sumatra. I was able to download and open a mobi file. How do I print to PDF or save as a PDF?

In Windows 10 you usually have the choice of Printing with “Microsoft Print to PDF” in the selection of printers. Here on Windows 7 I have to use a different virtual Printer such as GhostScript.

However NOTE SumatraPDF will only print as Images.PDF same as on paper, not convert to searchable text based PDF.

To convert Mobi to searchable PDF you would need a tool like Calibre. or possibly for ePub MuPDF Mutool since SumatraPDF uses that library.

I’m using windows 10 enterprise. Under the file tab it doesn’t give me the option to print.

The Print to PDF is an optional driver setting in windows extra features, since I am on Win 7 at present cant show you where, but try the words "Turn Windows " in the Cortana search box to open extra settings and select “Microsoft Print to PDF”

If “Print” is not showing you are probably viewing an ebook (e-Pub / Mobi) in the legacy flowing layout, either use current pre-release or if using 3.3 switch the Settings > Advanced Options > EbookUI to UseFixedPageUI = true

EbookUI [
	FontName = Georgia
	FontSize = 12.5
	TextColor = #5f4b32
	BackgroundColor = #fbf0d9
	UseFixedPageUI = true

After you save the change in settings (Save or CTRL S) when you return to viewing press R to Reload the page viewer.

I see what you are talking about and print to pdf is on. I use it frequently. However, within Sumatra I cannot find the “print” option at all.

sorry forgot default in earlier 3.3 is still reflow mode see updated comment above.

So when I go to settings, it doesn’t let me open advanced settings.

That is unusual but sounds like the way pirate copies work perhaps ensure you are using a recent official version, so I would suggest try one from to see how it behaves different (it will include annotation for PDF, sorry but no longer other formats) and the eBook interface is now different so more in keeping with PDF layout.

You did not say which version or if it was installed from another source.

OK I see I perhaps should have said Settings > Advanced Options (now corrected above)

Thank you for your help. It was the “Advanced Option” it wouldn’t let me open. I’ll pass this info on to my IT department.

IT departments may have intentionally used restricted settings for their own reasons :slight_smile: