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Sorry for the newbie question(searched but found nothing)
I have two annotations on Page 22(please see attachment)

From annotation list I clicked on the second annotation, but I cannot tell which one on the main window is being selected?

Is there a way to know that? Or is there a way to click and select annotation on the main window?
Just a example, in FoxitReader I can press Alt+3 to change to 「Hand」, and click annotation so as to delete/edit.

Thank you.


It was easier in prior versions where highlights would auto include the saved content as seen here on the right.

whereas now you need to use shifted (capital) A and right click to paste those contents.

So, if the contents are blank you have two options

  1. Look at the rect values and estimate the difference based on the Y (and x) value where small Y is higher on page than big Y since annots here are using simpler image down co-ordinates rather than PDF page up co-ordinates.

  2. in the page hover over highlight and use context key (or right click) then click (or up arrow) to Select Annotation in Editor


Thank you.
Will see if I can make some workaround.

BTW is it preferable to ask questions here? or on GitHub?

Thank you


Depends on if its a usage problem that users here can make suggestions.
Or a coding issue in pre-release that should be raised for correction or improvement on github.
Requests for new features have usually been ask for on both but can fall into either camp!

As a sidenote the current aim (may change) is to pull the two together see


Great! Thank you so much!