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How do I highlight some text and copy to another application? I need this so I can copy a website address from a “'pdr” file, and then paste it into a browser website address, so I can view the referenced website with my browser.

I am sure this text highlight, ability and Cntl-C, and then with the mouse pointer placed anywhere else where I could do a Cntl-P to paste, would be a valuable tool. in many situations.

In my efforts this morning to highlight a website address, the text within Sumatra would not highlight,so I then had no way I could copy the website address.

I searched the Sumatra Discussion subjects previously discussed, but I could not find any any reference to my question.


Sumatra obeys DRM restrictions in PDFs. Go to File > Properties or press Ctrl+D to check your PDF for any Denied Permissions:


I cannot select and copy text. My pdf file properties doesn’t show the label “Denied Permissions”. Properties show all the other labels and they have values but “Denied Permissions” is not on the list. How can I select and copy text from this pdf?




Text in a PDF may not be there to select and “copy” if it is simply an image of text (like a scan / photo)

Microsoft Print to PDF may on some occassion take a text source and output it as an “Image” PDF, IF that is the case then the visible “text” can only be copied as an “image” by selecting and copying the whole image
If text copying is restricted then SumatraPDF will use a similar method stating that text selected has been copied as image.

These choices can cause some confusion

1 If you double click text and it will highlight that word then it is text not image
2 Right click the highlighted word and “copy selection”
3 If you are using 3.2 or older and get a message “Copied as Image” then the file has DRM restrictions.

[later edit]
If you are using the current pre-release version then 3. above does not apply anymore.