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Home / How do I enable red box around hyperlink?


On some pdf viewers(Medeley do), red box are drawn around hyperlink.

Is there similar features in sumatra?



Hyperlinks come in many forms
Version 3.1.2 will show some (possibly not all) that are correctly written

Version 3.2 has a Debug option Highlight Links function that shows all links in blue

There is currently an open issue about differing issues at


This bug is (still? again?) present in v3.3.3. Is there a hope it is going to be fixed in 3.3.4?


It’s not a bug.

In pre-release versions ( there is Debug/Highlight Links option which draws a box around links.


@kjk , how would links be highlighted in the stable version (3.3.3)? As you point out Debug/Highlight Links option is now only present in pre-release versions.