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Home / How can I send a Staple-Command to Printer? (Finishing)



I would like to use a Staple/Booklet Finisher-Function of “Minolta” Ineo + 224.

The printed pages shold to be clipped with metal clip on a left top corner.

I think, it should to be anything such as:

-print-settings “staple=1 left top”

But I’m not found in a function “ApplyPrintSetting” any Option for Stappling/Clipping.


How can I achive this goal?



That’s not possible currently and most likely it would be hard to add support for that.

Sumatra can only support what Windows OS supports for printer drivers i.e.

Whatever stapling is, it doesn’t seem to be supported out of the box by windows so any support would have to be specific to that printer.


@student-uni It is best to ask the manufacturer what options you have if they are not in the manual however looking at a manual I see you should be able to send a pdf directly with stapling enabled via web print


Sometimes its help when you install a second “pseudo” Printer-Driver and use this only for the desired printersettings…