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I am writing textbooks with large numbers of EPS files, and I want to be able to preview them quickly. The usual solution is to preview them with Windows Explorer or Directory Opus using MysticThumbs or SageThumbs, but forums are reporting some tricky and very confusing problems with these softwares in recent Windows 10 updates. Also, the Sumatra plugin doesn’t seem to work with EPS files.

But I think there may be a solution within Sumatra itself!

Sumatra has a ‘Favourites’ screen that displays very clearly a selection of my recently opened EPS files. Going through the whole directory and opening each one is a pain, however, hence my question:

QUESTION: How do I tell Sumatra to add every EPS file in my current directory to my favorites?


There’s no way to do that.

You can add the file you have opened to Favourites but that’s one by one process.

As a workaround, I would create a shortcut to that folder and then used drag&drop on Sumatra’s window to open a file.


Thanks for that, kjk. I hadn’t realised that drag-and-drop onto the Sumatra screen was possible. That does make things a little quicker.

SUGGESTED FEATURE: Could I possibly suggest that

  • Preview selected
  • Preview all
  • Preview all, including subdirectories

be added as menu items under ‘File’ (the last item may be too large, and the first two may have some practical limitation). That would be very helpful to me, and I expect to others in a similar position, and should not be difficult.

This would be, in effect, an explorer-type screen for previewing and selecting files. Very flash!

My apologies if I have written this ‘suggested feature’ in the wrong forum.