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[Historic] Older (SMX) Annotation / Highlight Support

Hi Fernando
It is very experimental
It needs
See the comments above about using the A key
There are alternative ways to use MuPDF for drawing lines and adding text or comments
see [Fixed] Highlighting problem in prerelease version

That is a very cool feature!
I delete acrobat reader DC immediately, once I use pre release builds.

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Just remember it is still work in progress in SumatraPDF so may not always work and those “not implemented yet” may change in the future to activate more features such as adding text. However, for now adding MuPDF as shown, gives you the wider set of permanent annotation features.

If the highlight is editable at anytime (can be added and deleted), it would be nice to have an option in the settings: save as overwrite by default. In this way, highlight would be very convenience.

PDF Highlight has complex history.(settings available for a long time)
current setting still works in a similar fashion to other pro pdf editors where incremental deletes can be undone “save as” will overwrite in ANY editor only when you say Yes.
It normaly will not overwrite by default

The easiest way to keep variable highlights constantly available to oneself or a team is to use the SumatraPDF.smx metafile technique (until you need to pass highlights to outsiders)

SaveIntoDocument = false
Best way to make temporary / incremental + & - changes on many different days / different users until a final save.

Then lastly if you wish “save as” FINAL.pdf (IntoDocument = true)
All deletes are thus forgotten only the remaining highlights are added

If you keep overwriting a PDF it can get bigger and eventually bloated by the increasing numbers of incremental additions and all the unwanted garbage trashed objects.

Thank you for your reply! My situation is that: I need to read a lot of papers (several pages per PDF document), and I only highlight a few words (as a marker to help me find the key points quickly in the future). So I hope Ctrl+s would overwrite the PDF by default without choosing save as & overwrite, is it possible to have such an option in the setting?

[LATER EDIT] This thread is now locked as the experimental Sumatrapdf Meta eXtension a.k.a. SMX feature has been retired. It is replaced in latest Pre-Releases by newer, more extensive PDF annotations features.

The request to keep adding to the file without confirmation is a prickly one
I think you will find that is how it is currently working
If save into document is true then when you save the annotation there is no request to confirm the file gets added to

If a users keep adding to a PDF over and over without forcing a break then the highlights can become messy. annotation is very much going through changes , the new Ctrl save function is now active but inclination is not to use it, so we will need to see how the dust settles. I personally think it best for the user to press the two keys CTRL+S(ave) occasionally as you go along to apply a new filename (unless you intend highlights to be discarded as temporary), if you disregard its intended use for saving as a new name then the Windows OperatingSystem will still request “are you sure” (Standard practice should you attempt an overwrite)

This is not a real world example (I had to confirm yes) to get this multi color mess but shows one danger of incremental overwriting and saving without showing duplicates

I see…
Looking forward to the new progress :slight_smile: