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Hello i wanted to know how can I use pencil or pen to highlight or tick mark things in pdf as I study using pdf I wanted to tick my answers so that I neednot have to go to last page and then come to first page to see the ans later . is there any extension or plug in I can use


Inking with pen or pencil is not currently available in SumatraPDF but is possible by SumatraPDF using a shared PDF with MS Edge so you get the best of both adding text or iconic comments in SumatraPDF and pen-work in Edge. No extra plugin or batteries required.

It may take a short while to get the hang of it, since you must save changes in two different places and the natural down side is that each time before adding more, you save in one app or the other, thus the file size will increase a bit more than necessary, than if it was done just in one app.

To see an example Ink Pen Annotations (e.g. Surface Pro) - SumatraPDF and another here Annotate (highlight / add comments) with SumatraPDF - #2 by GitHubRulesOK

You will need to find exactly the folder where MSEDGE.exe is on your system from inspecting one of its shortcuts and add that as an External viewer to Advanced options something like the example here