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A user request by @mabs239 was rejected due to my action in deleting unrelated requests, however on review it is reposted here as a legitimate request

Dear Developers and Sumatra Community,
I am looking for a reading guide strip that highlights just the line I am reading. It may be fixed to center of the window. The following link shares the same problem but the solution is not free.

Kindly guide how this feature may be added in Sumatra PDF reader.

Cheers Mabs239

Rapid Serial Visual Presentation, or RSVP aids “Speed Reading”.

The aim is to focus the readers interest on just a line or two at a time.

At its simplest (mechanically or electronically) this is a darker translucent mask over much of the page but not necessarily opaque.
With in the centre a horizontal clear / lightly tinted yellow viewing window.

Have any users found such screen overlays freely available and can feedback on how useful such a feature is to them.


My best suggestion using SumatraPDF is to minimize the height at maximum width like this

or this

Using a pre-release version (which includes highlighting)
you set background color and highlight color in advanced settings
then using Select All (CTRL + A) then press A to temporarily highlight the text ( no need to save)