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I am very happy with Sumatra PDF and my post is a “nice to have” wish for a future release.

Users want to see how a PDF will look on printed paper, in grayscale, without printing it…on a monochrome toner based printer.

Can one of the Menu’s have an option to switch the rendered image to grayscale, on the fly ?
It could be something that can be turned on/off in one of the Menu settings.

Wonderful software. Keep it up.


Print preview is a function of the printer software and with a good quality print driver it is possible to see the greyscale prior to printing. An alternative would be to convert the page to greyscale, however since the print driver can change the tones it would not be a true reflection of paper output.


The accuracy of the grayscale conversion is not critical and I do not expect advanced color profiling like Adobe Acrobat does with paper color / ICC profile simulation either.
All that is desired is a grayscale preview option instead of color. What the printer driver later does is irrelevant as well to the user.

Method 3 in this link does lightning fast color to grayscale conversion in .NET of Raster images and I think something even better exists already in the C++ world.

Thank you


If you have WIndows 10 v1709 (Fall Creators Update) or later, you can quickly turn on the Grayscale color filter using Win+Ctrl+C (provided the hotkey’s enabled). Of course this will apply to the entire screen and won’t be application specific, but for a quick look at how your doc might appear in grayscale I think it should suffice till such time as Sumatra adds this feature (if ever).