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I use Sumatra on a Windows Remote Desktop Server. So, all my users have Sumatra as default PDf reader.
Is there a way to force some settings of SumatraPDF-settings.txt? Because I don’t want option UseTabs (many users don’t understand that each doc is open on a different tab and have hundred tabs opened!)


Personally prefer user education rather than sumatrapdfrestrict.ini

For letting users chose to disobey your advice you could in start up inject UseTabs = false into the settings file but then the user can check the use options tabs box to reverse that at run time unless you have used

; Whether SumatraPDF should save user preferences on exit.
; Needed for:
; * Changing settings
; * Favorites menu
; * Remembering recently opened files (includes Frequently Read page)
SavePreferences = 0

Note without tabs the menu changes to older horizontal pull downs and of course there are NO settings options other than language, and favorites does nothing other than show itself as non functional.


Thank you, I already notice the possibly of sumatrapdfrestrict.ini but it’s not easy at all, because I can’t easily make change of user’s SumatraPDF-settings.txt. We are in a RDS infra and each user profile is in virtual disk (vhdx). So, if user is connected, I can’t access to their profile and if user is not connected, I have to mounted each disk to make modifications.

For a corporate use, you can’t afford to leave the user totally free: you will inevitably (there are more than 200 of us) have some who will do as they wish.
My only concern is the load on our server (RDS) and the dozens of tabs opened per user, it is quickly a significant load.


I understand that with 200 users its a big overhead in many ways, including training, but an email with advice could trim that loading down initially especially if there is the “threat” that if tabs are not switched off, then there may be a need to destroy their convenience of using a customisable mode.

I dont know how easy/hard it is to migrate appdata across RDS infrastructure but if your forcing a replacement settings.txt and restrict.ini,it depends multiple possible ways where each is required, thus suggests a programmable update of both is needed. So how do you roll out other global app updates or install a new one?


You’re right when you talk about destroying their comfort. I don’t always want to limit their freedom but, as I filter some extensions, as I limit the installation of softwares, I have to put rules.
When you are sysadmin, there are soooo many thing you have to explain to your users! I speak about Sumatra, but, despite my strong recommendation, some users have a lot of open tabs on Firefox.

A good software, in terms of administration, is like Firefox: manageable with a .ini of global settings and/or an admx (administration template) with GPO.