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I dont want to go to next page when i scroll with my mouse.

If i set view setting to “Single page” and “Show pages Continuously” off and going down with the arrows at the keyboard, i ultimately go to the end of the page and stays at this page, this is what i want. But this is not the case when i using my mouse and scrolling wheel, it totally goes to the next page and ignoring that i want to stay at the page.

And unfortunately i seldom use only arrows but more often the mouse. Is there any solution to my problem?


Using the scroll wheel added additional dimensions to the traditional method of using the left mouse button to drag up and down within a page.

The only solution I can suggest is using a 3rd party mouse control app to remove the additional mouse wheel function, however I suspect that would not be what you want


All I can suggest is that if you must use the mouse to move around, instead of using the scroll wheel you can do the following:

  • Click and drag the page instead


  • Click the scroll wheel and use the auto-scroll function instead

Neither of these will cause the page to change.


Thanks for your answers. Can I send an email on this issue to the developers as future request?


Have you tried page locking the scroll (using the wheel click) then scroll about the fixed page ?

You can open an issue here however since the scroll wheel function was originally designed to be “forwards” / “backwards” e.g. zoom in / out in paperspace that is often adapted to be towards end or backwards to beginning of whole document. However that would be confusing to most users thus in actuality is reversed, unless you use the lock and scroll function by moving around the focus.