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Hello Sumatra forum!

I am trying to use Sumatra, in a powershell script, to print to a printer with a specific paper bin name / number. I have tried bin=foo, bin=1,bin=2,bin=3,bin=4, but every time the printer media type overrides the bin name / number. Is there some way to change this, or to manually specify the media type? I need to specify preprinted media type. I know I can use a print queue for each tray, but that is not an option. I have different paper types in each paper tray, so the tray number matters.
-print-settings “bin=1” // always prints to paper tray 1.
-print-settings “bin=2” // always prints to paper tray 1.
-print-settings “bin=3” // always prints to paper tray 1.
-print-settings “bin=4” // always prints to paper tray 1.


If I were to guess your printer driver is at fault.

Sumatra uses documented method of setting the bin ( and it seems to be working for most.

Unfortunately according to the wisdom of the internet ( some printer drivers might ignore it or require some non-standard code.

Not having access to the printer, there’s nothing I can do about it.

If you’re able to compile and make simple modifications to C++ code, you can compile Sumatra from sources and see if you can tweak Print.cpp code to work with that particular printer.


It is printer-driver specific… With an OKI printer in german I set bin=Kassette 1 or bin=Grossraum Magazin for a 2500 tray on a Toshiba MFC