"For the best experience, open this PDF portfolio in Acrobat"



When opening one particular PDF we are greated with a warning saying that “For the best experience, open this PDF portfolio in Acrobat”.

Is there a way to disable this please?

Hopefully my photograph attached will give light to the situation.



Why is it important to disable it?

This PDF uses features not available in Sumatra. What you see is a fallback content.

There’s no way to detect this scenario. From the point of view of Sumatra it’s just a random PDF and we show the content of that PDF.


Thank you kjk.

Fully accept that the file would have more features when opening in Adobe however as I prefer to use SumatraPDF I was hoping to turn off this notification and I accept the fallback content everytime.


From what I can tell that message is the fallback content. If features such as forms etc. aren’t supported then that message is displayed. If I understand correctly, what you want is for Sumatra to forcibly attempt to display as much of the document as possible, regardless of whether it involves unsupported features, right? If so, I don’t see how that would work. Take for example a document that uses scripting to dynamically display or hide additional content/fields based on user entry in a form. How should Sumatra handle this? Display all the hidden text sections/layers, even if they would overlap (since ordinarily only one among them is meant to be displayed in a particular location)?

PDF is a presentation format meant to display documents (including text, images etc.) in a platform-agnostic manner (i.e. independent of the viewing software, hardware, OS etc.) If a viewer doesn’t support certain features then not displaying the document at all is probably the right course of action, rather than choosing to display it partially in a manner that looks nothing like what the author intended.

Last but not least, from what I can tell a major change like this would need to be made in the underlying MuPDF engine and not in Sumatra itself, although kjk would know best if that’s true.