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I receive newsletters including a calendar page which look as intended on the screen, but when I print them two of the fonts do not.

The newsletter title is in Elephant font, while within the calendar page, the month name is in Edwardian Script. When I print the calendar page, both the newsletter title and the month name print in what looks like Arial, but with irregular spacing of the letters, if not letters overlapping. My printer is an Epson XP-440.

Any suggestions on how to resolve this?



Should not be a problem if the font is installed, but may depend on your pdf source, system, method of printing, print driver or printer.

Here I have been the author of the source document highlighted in blue
I used TTF font that was installed from
I used Microsoft print to PDF to produce my newsletter highlighted in red it looks identical
I used SumatraPDF to print with a HP wireless driver
The last image is the scan of the slightly fuzzy print but its certainly not Arial

there are many different “Elephant Fonts” and if you have one installed on your machine it is possible its different but being uploaded to the printer