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Sumatra PDF 3.2 slows really down in search mode, when I try to find a reference in a catalogue, that is what I use it for, its really slow, that wasn’t a problem in 3.1.2, this happens in a normal use but if open 2 Sumatras for reference search then all goes slows to a point that I can’t even use the program it blocks.
Now I tried the daily build 3.3.12455 and all works with no problems what so ever!
Just so that can be clear, when I say search for references I use the rectangular box where we can locate words or numbers in the PDF.
Thanks for all, and most of all, thank you for keeping this PDF reader alive and well.

Ricardo Garcia


Yes there were several interrelated issues raised by searching in 3.2.0 which have generally been fixed so pre-releases AFTER 3.3.12450 may be much faster than 3.1.2 but there is still a need to balance several factors.