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When I download PDF files from the internet, I frequently save them with a new file name to a location of my choice. This applies to bank account statements, articles with names that are too long, etc. etc. In my other PDF readers, once I change the filename and location, the new filename appears in the tab at the top of the screen. If I close the tab, then want to reload the file later, the “recently used files” list has the new filename. Sumatra PDF Reader keeps the old filename, which no longer exists. I then have to go into my file browser, locate the file in the new location, and load it directly. This is a big pain. Can this be fixed in the next update? (This is my first post, and my only complaint. Great program, thanks. Adobe Reader DC was driving me crazy with DDE errors.)

EDIT: please ignore this. I just discovered the “rename” function, which does what I want.