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Edit: Was the version of libreoffice. Opened an older document and there are lines on everything now.

Ignore this please.

I’ve used many PDF readers. The complicated ones drive me nuts. So I love SumatraPDF.

However one small problem. When I copy and paste there is often a thin line appearing on the right edge or bottom edge. See image below.

Using everything the same I have not had this happen with several other PDF programs I tried before coming back to Sumatra PDF. Adobe, Foxit and others it doesn’t happen with the same workflow.


  1. From my CAD program I print to pdf and it automatically gets opened by Sumatra PDF.
  2. Then I zoom or CTRL select and zoom and copy the part of the image I want to embed directly in the documentation for one of my boat plans.
  3. And paste direct into Openoffice. Quick and Painless and really nice lines.

However often on the right edge or bottom edge there is a line as shown in the attached file. I can crop it out, but it is another step. Any chance the devs can add it to the bug list?


I am not the developer just a “super user”
Not sure without a sample but the addition of a single grey pixel boundary during copy is most likely to be due to a known “feature” setting in MuPDF which SumatraPDF uses very slightly differently, or a scaling issue in The Word Processor.

Without a repeatable sample to check nothing can be done
With a repeatable sample it may / may not be fixed, depending on cause.

Ensure you have a minimal working example of the problem file and attempt a cut/paste to Open Office to verify it is repeating the problem

  1. Check if the problem is also visible when pasting to WordPad
    if not a Problem in WordPad but only in Open Office then suspect OO scaling of objects, check if it only happens at 100% scale and not at others.

  2. supply a link to a source Test.PDF, better yet post it as a new issue to


Quite right. I opened an older boat plan document from a few months ago and it has the lines too.

Not a Sumatra PDF issue. Apologies.

Thankyou for the amazingly quick response.