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Home / Fit Content should fit content width in Fit Width mode


If you have “Fit Width and Show Pages Continuously” selected, and then select “Zoom Content”, it should zoom to fit the content horizontally (trimming away margins), but not vertically. The way it works now, it zooms out until all the content fits on the screen, so it’s ignoring the width zoom.


The fit content is what it says but should be called fit “page” content
Fit width also should say fit “page” width
What your asking for is another mode
fit “content” width
Long discussion for that at


Yeah, but that mode shouldn’t exist. You want “fit page content” in “Fit a Single Page” view, and “Fit width content” in “Fit Width and Show Pages Continuously” view. There’s no reason to have a “fit page content” view in “Fit Width and Show Pages Continuously” mode.