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When I click on ‘Find’ under ‘Go To’, no search box or other search mechanism appears.

Using CTRL F does not produce anything either.

I have the toolbar enabled (though it’s not showing either).


Find is active when the Layout is in Fixed User Interface Mode so it sounds like you are in ebook mode. newer versions make it easy to switch usually using the “Debug” option then pressR to reload/refresh display.
If you need to switch ChmUI or are using an older version then you need to edit Advanced Options to switch EbookUI[
UseFixedPageUI = true



I updated Sumatra to the latest version and now there is now not even a ‘Find’ function at all under ‘Go To’.

I don’t understand how to switch to Fixed User Interface Mode. In the newer version I no longer find ‘Debug’ as an option either.

In ‘Default Layout View’ under ‘Options’, Fixed User Interface Mode is not listed.

So, even though I’m now presumably using the newest version after updating, do I still need to edit Advanced Options? If so, how?

Thank you


Sorry that 3.2 debug option was removed again in 3.3x
So back to the old way

in settings advanced it should open in notepad then scroll down to this section

EbookUI [
	FontName = Georgia
	FontSize = 12.5
	TextColor = #5f4b32
	BackgroundColor = #fbf0d9
	UseFixedPageUI = false

and change that false to true


HI, Thank you! I had somehow already figured that out myself in the meantime though, even though instructions I found online elsewhere were different - I just reasoned it out as far as the command information. So, problem solved. Now, with the ‘False’ direction changed to ‘True’ the ‘Find’ function appears readily and prominently.