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I have some PDF files that each contain one or more PDF attachments. SumatraPDF will show these attached PDFs in the Bookmarks menu, and clicking on any of them will open the attached PDF in a separate tab in SumatraPDF. You can even close the original PDF’s tab and still retain the opened PDF attachment.

What I don’t see is a way for the attachment’s filename to show up in the tab. Instead, the original PDF’s filename is there, along with additional information. For instance, if the original PDF is called “Listing.pdf” and an attachment is clicked on and opened, the tab for that file will be called something like “Listing.pdf:55:0”.

Is there an option to allow the attachment’s filename to be displayed in the tab when opened? Or is this how SumatraPDF handles attached PDF files?


This could certainly be improved.

Could you open an issue via so that it doesn’t get forgotten and provide a file that shows this issue?

(you can share the file privately by e-mailing it to me at


Generally these are built as portfolios an example may be which includes 3 files

they are no longer accesible in pre-release only 3.1.2 since attachments are currently disabled [now re-enabled]


I’ve logged this issue as