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I love Sumatra PDF! For me it is the IrfanView of PDF’s.

I have a question though, the “File Properties” box is always blank. Its not a big deal but others seem to not have this issue. If it is my installation, where might I look.

Another question: In advanced settings, I can’t seem to find where “MainWindowBackground = #000000” has a effect.

Right now, the setting is shown as below, however the window background is grey.


MainWindowBackground = #000000
EscToExit = false
ReuseInstance = false
UseSysColors = false
RestoreSession = true


It may be related that the advanced settings file is inadequate
I would exit SumatraPDF and rename (just in case you need to refer back) SumatraPDF-settings.txt
On next start up of SumatraPDF it will rebuild a fresh default copy

When you say “main window background is grey” that IS the most recent default
that its grey OUTSIDE the viewing area.

However I now see that the expected effect of changing that setting affects Main paper background color which appears to have more recently changed (@kjk has there been an intentional recent change?)

Which exact version are you using ?


V3.1.2 /64bit

The problem was, I had changed the “MainWindowBackground =” entry to “#000000” when working on a more eye friendly color combination. This made the file properties window “black on black”

Thanks for the help