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Home / File history and favorites are gone (hidden) after upgrade to 3.2


Hello! I am using WIN_10 x64 2004 19041.450. After installing Sumatra PDF 3.2 there is no file history saved. But, after downgrade to 3.1.2 history is on it’s place. What is this?


Its the change in storage locations
3.2+ uses new settings file in %localappdata% for freshly installed users
3.1.2 used %appdata% and may be usually available in most cases to copy across, Unsure what would happen on true update since it “should” copy settings across, but that is untested.
Portable users should be unaffected since settings is in the same folder as exe.

Any confirmation this would be less of an issue when update is triggered ?


Thank you! I have been copied old settings file into %LOCALAPPDATA%\SumatraPDF and history with bookmarks now on it’s place! Also, copying the “sumatrapdfcache” folder in a new directory will have effect of viewing thumbnails on the main program screen. :upside_down_face: