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I’m finishing up a 3.3 release.

The big feature here is a start of annotation editing.

Would be great to shake out as many bugs as possible before the release.

So please give it a try (, test annotation features (Editing annotations) and report bugs as described in How to submit bug reports

Also added a lot of new strings that need translation so if you now some non-English languages, please contribute translations Translations for SumatraPDF

To set the expectations for 3.3: there’s plenty missing features for annotations and you can assume that the obvious ones will be added at some point.

At the moment I’m most interested in crashes and serious issues that would affect a lot of people, so that they can be fixed before doing 3.3 release.

Also, I don’t edit PDFs myself so when providing feedback it’s helpful if you describe not only what feature is needed but also why.


Also summary of changes: Version 3.3


Cool. Annotations are great! Been using them most of the year now.

My biggest requests:

  • Make Ctrl-S save work properly to save to to same file like most programs do (yes, I know about the size hit, but UI matters more)
  • Keyboard shortcut for free text without a text box (most used). I suggest Ctrl-T for free text to match PDF-XChange Editor
  • Ability to set defaults for: free text colour, and zero border width

Thank again!



Sumatra’s been my default PDF reader for well over a year now and this is great!

Some feedback as I have been heavily annotating a bunch of documents.

  1. Make free text rectangle re-sizeable. I see that it has dimensions showing up on the annotations bar but not sure if this can be changed in the config file.
  2. Love the highlighting, easy to use though would like a more convenient hotkey for it, or even an accessible menu in the top bar.
  3. Adding on to the feedback above, the option to set custom defaults for highlighting: opacity and colour.



Many thanks Krzysztof

New release is probably snappy as 3.2. Perhaps a bit slower, but barely discernible. We’re talking a few ms.

While I personally don’t use annotations either, I’m cognizant of the fact some people do.
I personally use form fills more often, and by more often, only a few times per year. I am fine without that functionality in Sumatra. On the sporadic occasions I need to fill a form pdf, I just use a more robust, and much clunkier program.

My biggest concern is as more features are brought in, with more library stacks, the speed of launching Sumatra will decrease. There exist many robust PDF suites for Windows. All have splash screens with varying load times, with the exception of Sumatra.

If new features will continue to be imported, I would hope there exists a way to keep those features optional. Or that it’d be possible to maintain a Viewer release and an Editor release. With the Viewer release continuing it’s light resource requirements.

In any event, I know it ain’t worth much; but them’s my two shiny pennies.


I am very happy to discover the annotations feature! You are already covering 80% of my use cases. I have a few small enhancement requests. I understand you will want to keep things simple so as not to create bloated software.

  1. Allow for custom stamps to be added, for example I would like to be able to add my signature and my initials using a PNG image with a transparent background.

  2. Allow the height and width to be set on Free Text instead of being fixed values.

  3. Allow for the border setting for Free Text to be set in Advanced Options; I would prefer 0 to be the default value, for example.