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SumatraPDF is a nearly perfect PDF Viewer - thanks for your great work!!!

But one important feature is missing (at least for our needs):

We use a fixed window position/width/height and “fit to width” for our client workstations to provide the best reading experience (window size is depending on the client monitor resolution). This is great for 90% of the document readings with a typical vertical layout of most of the PDF documents.

But some of the documents have a horizontal layout format and then the fixed position is too small for a goot reading experience. So changing the width manually is necessary. But if a document with vertical layout is opened afterwards, the width/height aspect is wrong, and vice versa…

(We do not want to save layout for each single document - this confuses our office workers.)

So what we would need are two simple configuration options:

  1. Positon/Width/Height for vertical layout documents.
  2. Positon/Width/Height for horizontal layout documents.
    Maybe a third/fourth option that privides Positon/Width/Height for documents with a TOC.

This would greatly improve usage and reading experience of our office workers, because they will always get the best reading size without the need to resize the window, if the layout changes!
(Except for some rare documents that have a mixed layout - but this woult be less important…)

Thanks in advance


I won’t presume to speak on behalf of the developer, but if this is something with limited appeal to the Sumatra user-base at large and mostly useful only for the office workers in your organization, then perhaps your organization can spare some change to get someone to make the necessary modifications to the open-source program’s code?


Possible work arounds

You could set default layout and initial optimum worst case zoom for all pdfs to say 50% or 150% (whatever works best for your secondary case)
Then it is a simple 1 click on the “fit width” icon for your other common format

If you know beforhand the different layouts
you could set up two CLI shortcuts with different initial layouts then drag the files onto “Wide” or Tall" icons

You could automate the built-in keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl-2 / Ctrl-3 for each case using AHK or some other macro add-on