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Two-column articles are quite common, especially in academic fields. Two-column is great for reading when you print things out, but a lot of pain for reading on the screen, since you have to scroll across a page over and over again. Is it possible to add a view mode suitable for two-column?
This may be done by

  1. Zoom fits half-width of the page
  2. Whenever hitting the bottom of the left half of a page,
    jump to the top of the right half of the same page.

Since there are articles whose left and right margins are not the same, it may be better to identify the white space between two columns and let zoom fits the wider column. But I understand this is not a trivial task. So rather than a complete zoom + scroll mode, a single scroll mode that repeat a page once, will also be greatly helpful for reading two-column articles.
For example, when viewing a page for the first time, align to the left of the page. When scroll hitting bottom,
jump back to the top of the same page, and align to the right. The second time hitting bottom, scroll down to next page as usual. Such scroll behavior together with a customized zoom will suffice for reading two-column articles.


to develop such a mode to satisfy all users would likely be a significant task for the author.

However you can emulate that wish easily using the key shortcuts.
On opening file
If you not there, to get to top left of page the easiest is use Shift Up+Left arrows
To zoom to half width use + key a few times
or store a default zoom level for start up (via settings options)

For each page
Use any keys to scroll down as you wish (there are many ways in manual)
To get to top right of page the easiest is use Shift Up+Right arrows
Then scroll down again
At the end of the page use Shift+Left arrow followed by page down to start next page

For zoom wheel mouse users simply store your default zoom then on each page press down on wheel to lock to page then scroll where you wish


Thanks very much. The shift+left/right shortcut that goes to page left/right is really nice (I found shift+h/l does the same trick).
But shift+up just scrolls up a bit more than a single up, half of PageUp/ctrl+up. It is not going back to top.
The only way find to go back to the top of the current page is p (previous page) or left arrow (at fit width or even smaller zoom level). Both requires “show pages continuously”.
So I guess my workaround will be after finishing left column, press p then shift+l, and at next page press shift+h. Feels better than wheel scrolling but it’s still a bit annoying.

By the way, I didn’t find the shift+left shortcut listed anywhere in the manual or github wiki. Just curious if there is a more comprehensive keyboard shortcut list.


I have not covered such navigation key uses in MyNotes and probably need to update some e.g. a tip you could find useful to get top left of current page is hit F5 key twice :slight_smile: Ideally they need a good going over. However you will find one called “Key combinations” that links to the other 2 SumatraPDF key listings and all 3 still don’t cover a few less well documented such as mouse and scroll locking.