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First, thanks for the great multifunctional reader.

I am unsure if I am doing this in the right way, but I’d love a feature that makes it more easy to go the right page in large pdfs.

You open a pdf and look at the (non-clickable) index to which page you have to go. It is page 1097, so you fill in that number in the top left. When you go there, the book is at page 1043, because the book has an introduction (with roman numerals) for the first 54 pages. It would be nice to then just type in 1097 in the top again with an additional ‘+54’. This would result in typing: ‘1097+54’ which SumatraPDF than equates to 1151.

Is this a clear example and is it doable to incorporate?
Thanks so much for creating this wonderful program.


I see no reason why this shouldn’t be doable. Instead of accepting only alphanumeric values (I assume that’s the case now), simple arithmetic expressions that include plus and minus symbols would need to be accepted by the Pages field and evaluated to figure out which number to change to.

The only issue as with all feature requests here is whether any developer has the time and is interested enough to actually write the required code.


Suggestion to perhaps also close other issues would be to have a simpler secondary ± box (needs to be validated to not go out of bounds e.g. not likely to be less than -99 ? with any arabic number value so user can easily shift for other values (say +4999 if the first page is labelled 5000 !) but no override of page count if no value insert such that for examples where user wishes to see xiiv etc pages it still shows as such.


It’s easy to validate. First, delta (jump size), should be a numeric value.
Second, there should be such expression evaluated:
min(currentpage + delta, maxpage) or max(currentpage + delta, minpage)
Roman numbers may be ignored.