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For many documents in right-to-left scripts (Arabic, Persian, etc.) It’s very important to have them sorted from right to left. What happens now in facing pages mode, makes RTL pages shown in wrong order.

One thing I noticed, PDF documents exported from InDesign, are shown in their correct order. So I think there should be an option that when enabled, force RTL documents to be shown right to left.



I have to ask the obvious
in the SumatraPDF-settings.txt file there IS ? or should be a line

DisplayR2L = false

if true, the document is displayed right-to-left in facing and book view modes (only used for
comic book documents)

as documented this affects SOME file types
if not effective for your files you need to raise a request to extend that to ALL filetypes at


Yes, there is a DisplayR2L setting in that file. But when I change it to true, nothing changes and the setting goes back to false on next launch.


Yes it seems that the past and current versions will reset that value if the document does not meet the “epub” criteria e.g. if it is a PDF
It is best to raise your requirements as an issue at

I do not read RTL so I am not sure how Sumatra respects some in design pdf files with the /RTL header
it may be possible to find a good RTL parser, the one I found on a Japanese site uses itext to swap the pages BUT the file size is decompressed to 250 % of the volume see this screen shot where the one on the right has been processed (and header data changed! so SumatraPDF shows the pages in the opposite order