Feature request: Single key to open next PDF in folder


Feature request: I would like SumatraPDF to work in a similar way to most graphics viewers, where you can hit, for example, the Space key to close the current file and instantly open the next file in a folder.

Is there a way to configure SumatraPDF to allow the Space key to (1) Close the current PDF, and (2) Open the next PDF in the same folder, with the default view settings? I find myself constantly hitting the space key and expecting the next PDF to open, because most of my folders consist of 50% PDF and 50% mixture of PNG and JPG.

At least the Esc key is consistent; I have SumatraPDF configured so that Esc closes the PDF, much in the same way that Esc closes PNG and JPG files in my various graphics viewers.

Thank you.

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From manual

                       space   scroll by screen 
    <Ctrl> + <Shift> + Right   open next document in the directory 
    <Ctrl> + <Shift> + Left    open previous document in the directory 

there are no combined controls for tabs however if you use a single un-tabbed session the one file view window will close current and open next (or previous)

You can have different session start-ups so that one shortcut works single file at a time (as above) whilst a different start works with tabs etc.

See countless other requests to remap keys but short answer to re-assigning space bar is NO, you would need to use a 3rd party key mapper (at your own risk )

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OpenBatchInFolder = true
NextInFolder = true
ShowNextButton = true
KeyMapping = true

BeRewardedWithUserAppreciation = true


|Ctrl||Shift||Right| solves my immediate problem. THX!

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