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I have often a lot of pdf’s open and would really like a function that lists all tabs to select the right one … similar to ff that has an icon on the right side of all tabs.
Because you can not read the pdf title from the tabs if you have open more as"six" !

Thanks, Uwe


Thanks for the suggestion. I think it’s similar to


#579 seems to be a duplicate of #371:


I just joined the forum to ask for this feature as well…


This PDF viewer is great, it’s so fast.
I’m wondering if there is a way to view all the tabs I have opened? Like in a window pane, or drop down list?
We use this viewer on a tablet at work to reference in-process jobs, and sometimes have many PDFs open. This makes each tab so small in the toolbar (hard to click on, no room to show any description of the tab).


I merged your thread with the existing one. Unfortunately nothing much has changed in this regard ever since tabs were implemented in Sumatra. :frowning:


Oh ok. Thanks for getting back to me.